Durus Industrial keeps your company moving forward with expert repair, installation and maintenance of your key equipment. We excel at improving your operational efficiency with conscious improvements and cost savings to all your projects from BOP piping, pumps, crushers, conveyors, guarding, mills, and other equipment that needs to run long and hard for your company to be profitable. Our expertly trained and certified welders, millwrights and mechanics can get the job done so you can get your job done!

Power and Process Generation

Durus has the professional staff and knowledgeable supervisors overseeing our skilled welders and millwright teams to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.  The power industry presents special challenges that require specific expertise and training to work hand in hand with Customers and Engineers on outage projects.  Durus has excelled at keeping multiple types of power generation equipment going strong from Coal to Natural Gas, Hydroelectric to Wind.  We have everything you need to keep your power generation equipment humming.


Mining is where Durus began and is still at the heart of our business.  We keep the key components of your equipment running smoothly- from Crushers to Concentrators, Mills to conveyors.  We work with many different mining operations from Gold, Copper, Molybdenum, Zinc, Lead and more.  The wealth of experience our Managers provide to each and every job often save our customers time and money by offering custom solutions to their problems.


Petrochemical plants offer many challenges and concerns to keep the operation moving forward as planned and in a safe manner.  Durus offers solutions to any of your specialized project’s needs from maintaining or new installation of piping materials, pumps, valves and structural steel.

Our skilled, certified ASME/AWS welders can handle any special exotic alloyed metals you need welded.

Water & Wastewater

Wastewater is an integral part of most Industrial and Mining operations.  Durus can provide the services you need to keep your water treatment equipment running smoothly.  We can repair or replace pumps, filters, piping, motors, and more.


Manufacturing plants offer as many different challenges as there are different product to produce, and down times must be minimized to stay profitable.  Durus can handle any task necessary to keep your manufacturing operation running at peak efficiency.  From maintenance and repair work to new construction, we will keep you ahead of your competitors.